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Die For U Type Lock-catch Hollow Sheet
Jwell’s main products are: All kinds of plastic pipe production line (large-diameter PE/PVC double-wall corrugated pipe production line, large-diameter PE/PVC solid wall pipe production line, PP-R/PEX/PE-rt hot and cold water pipe production line, PA/PE/PVC single-wall corrugated pipe production line) , all kinds of plastic profile production line, all kinds of plastic plate, sheet production line, chemical fiber spinning engineering design and manufacture, microcomputer automatic plastic hollow molding machine, plastic auxiliary recycling (crushing, cleaning, granulation) production line, all kinds of single screw/double screw extruder and screw barrel, T mold, net changer, roller, manipulator and other accessories.

PC U Type Lock-catch Sheet is an advanced construction system. It uses free movement connecting components to link in between PC hollow sheet thus prevent shape changing during extreme weather conditions. The vertical lock-catch design ensure 100% water-proof and no dust can go inside. The convenient assembling system helps to increase installation efficiency especially for both flat and curved building roofs. 

Jwell U Type Lock-catch Hollow Die,produce sheet with thickness from 4-40mm, width between 600-1050mm. We use Polylow software to simulates the liquid polymer flow inside the hollow dies, our unique design make sure there is no polymer leakage in different hollow layers, The Stainless steel heater used inside the die are independently controlled which allows accurate temperate adjustment can be within ±1℃. The Calibrator is equipped with independent vacuum exhaust system and temperature control, with vacuum seal elements applied this make sure cold air-flow can be equally separated very fast hence more smooth surface of the sheet can be formed