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PVC Semi-skinning foamed board die
Jwell’s main products are: All kinds of plastic pipe production line (large-diameter PE/PVC double-wall corrugated pipe production line, large-diameter PE/PVC solid wall pipe production line, PP-R/PEX/PE-rt hot and cold water pipe production line, PA/PE/PVC single-wall corrugated pipe production line) , all kinds of plastic profile production line, all kinds of plastic plate, sheet production line, chemical fiber spinning engineering design and manufacture, microcomputer automatic plastic hollow molding machine, plastic auxiliary recycling (crushing, cleaning, granulation) production line, all kinds of single screw/double screw extruder and screw barrel, T mold, net changer, roller, manipulator and other accessories.

Up-down die lips and main body are whole body designing,whole manifold without gap designing,and tipped cooling lips equipped on exit of die.Up lip is with specially designed push-pull elastic fine adjustable structure for PVC foam board die,reasonable screw gap designing to ensure precision adjustment.At the same time meeting function of partial adjustable die lip exit gap.It is applied for thickness 3-25mm PVC semi-skinning foamed sheet.