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2020 class “Jinwei Class” opening ceremony successfully held
Source: Jwell Group Release time:2020-11-07

To further deepen the cooperation between school and Enterprise, and promote the talent training of School and Enterprise. On November 6,2020, Shanghai Jinwei Machinery Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. and Jiangsu Agriculture and Forestry Vocational and Technical College successfully held the opening ceremony of Class 2020“Jinwei Class” in the lecture hall of the school’s R & D Building.


Jian zuping, President of Jiangsu Agriculture and Forestry Vocational and technical college; Liu Yonghua, president of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering; Xiong Wei, Secretary of the Party General Branch; Li Yang, Deputy Secretary of the Party General Branch; Gao Juling, Vice President of the Party General Branch; Chairman he Haichao and wife Liang Ruizhi of Jinwei Company, Chen Junhai, Chief Technical Officer of Zhejiang Jinwei Intelligent Technology Co. , Ltd. , and HR Director of Zhejiang Jinwei Intelligent Technology Co. , Ltd. , Hou Liping, attended the ceremony.

The first agenda, 2020 Jinwei class interview site


Chairman he Haichao and his party conducted on-the-spot interviews with all the students of Grade 2020 jinwei class. Chairman he encouraged the students to have a correct outlook on life and values through a brief introduction of his own growth history and the development of Jinwei Company, and the special requirements of Jinwei class students are described in detail.

Chen Junhai Chen gave a technical explanation to the students of Jinwei class. At the same time, he put forward some relevant requirements to the students in technical study.

Second Agenda, 2020 Jinwei Class Opening Ceremony


The opening ceremony of the class of 2020 jinwei class was announced by Secretary Xiong Wei at 13:30 pm.

President Liu Yonghua said in his speech that he highly recognized our company’s corporate culture and Humanistic Feelings, and highly praised the past Jinwei class, which has advanced learning ideas and is a model class of the school President Liu asked the new students to strictly implement the rules of class management jinwei, cultivate good habits, and continue to progress.


Chairman he haichao introduced the origin, Training System and development course of Jinwei class in the ceremony, which showed that he attached great importance to the cooperation between school and Enterprise President Ho expressed his gratitude to the school, the staff and the parents of the students for their recognition and support of the Jinwei class. He was moved and gratified by the Jinwei People’s responsibility and quality in serving the world, which made them brave enough to go abroad voluntarily under the epidemic situation, the students of Jinwei class are expected to study happily, to work hard and to take responsibility, to “do well” and “do good” , to “do well” and to “be good” , and to adhere to the spirit of Jinwei Company to be diligent and persistent, the implementation of the company’s core philosophy can be honest with others.


Zhang Chi, the student representative of Grade 19 Jinwei class, gave a speech and expressed his feelings about his entry into Jinwei class for one year. He shared his experiences and gains, and joined Jinwei class to feel caring and warmth. He learned solidarity and mutual assistance, and learned to take responsibility bravely As a senior, I congratulate and encourage the students to join Jinwei class.


Speaking on behalf of the class of 20, Sun Bowen expressed his gratitude to himself and his classmates for the opportunity to attend the Agricultural and Forestry School and join the class of 20-year-old Jin Wei. He thanked the company for giving him the opportunity and said that he would abide by the system and study hard in the coming days, lead the students of Jinwei class to make progress together.


President Jian zuping points out that it is congratulatory and happy for students to join Jinwei class. President he is a successful entrepreneur with national feelings. Jinwei Company is a warm company with feelings President Jian highly recognizes the development of school-enterprise cooperation-integration of production, teaching and research. On the one hand, it helps to improve students’ professional knowledge and skills, expand their career development space, and enable students to integrate into the company more quickly, on the other hand, it can also stimulate the innovative ability of teachers and promote the development of scientific research. It has well realized the principle of “school-enterprise cooperation in educating people and seeking common development” , students should be grateful, abide by the system, self-management.

Third Agenda, Forum on deepening school-enterprise cooperation


After the opening ceremony, the leaders of the two sides discussed how to further promote the cooperation between schools and enterprises, deepen the reform of schools and enterprises, and promote the development of the cooperation of production, teaching and research through specific teaching plans, compilation of teaching materials and investment in teaching.

Fourth Agenda, visiting the training base of the College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering


After the opening ceremony, secretary Li Yang, Chen Junhai Chen led the class of 2020 Jinwei class of freshmen to visit the experimental base of the College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. During the visit, the new students will be briefed on the knowledge and use of professional equipment to enhance their professional interest. We hope that the students will work hard on mechanical and automation related knowledge and lay a good foundation for future work and development.